I lived in Japan from 1993-1994 and have been back many times since.  I was a JSPS visiting researcher in Nagoya, Japan from 2003-2005.


Digital via Nikon SLRs and various compact cameras.  Analogue via lots of medium format gear including Rollei, Agfa and Holga.  My interest is mainly in black and white art prints.  Some printing is done through the labs but lots of black and white film work is done at home with old fashioned chemicals and a film scanner.

Children Kikuchiyo (boy) and Marimo (girl)

Best look here for Kikuchiyobaby Kiku or here for Marimobaby Marimo


At the moment I have a 1976 BMW R75/6 (named Brian) which is undergoing restoration.

Mountain biking

I bounce around on (and more often than not off) my Specialized StumpJumper.

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