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Bill Browne's Home Page

Professor William J. Browne,
School of Clinical Veterinary Sciences,
University of Bristol,
Lower Langford,
BS40 5DU, UK.

Tel: (+44) (117) 928 9428
Fax: (+44) (115) 951 4951

Email: william.browne AT bristol.ac.uk
News: I took up my Chair in Biostatistics on the 1st April 2007
having spent the previous 4 years in the maths dept of the University of Nottingham.


I was previously Programme Director of the Animal Behaviour and Welfare degree
My teaching in 2013/14 consists of: Teaching all the statistics element the 2nd year vet students and the 2nd year ABW students;
a 2 hour lecture on multilevel modelling in the 3rd year ABW Advanced Scientific Methods unit;
Dissertations projects for the 3rd year ABW students; Short course/Workshop teaching for the Centre for Multilevel Modelling.


Areas of research

My research is in Bayesian statistics, multilevel modelling, complex random effect modelling, applied statistics including analysis of data in the fields of veterinary epidemiology, education, health, public health and bird ecology.


A list of published, submitted and working papers, book chapters and books along with pdf versions is available here

A new page looking at citations of my work using ISI is available at here

A google scholar route to citations is here


A list of talks given at conferences and workshops along with slides is available here

(note this is a little out of date).

Curriculum Vitae

A fairly up-to-date CV (04/03/14) is available here in pdf format.

ESRC grants

My former ESRC grant entitled 'Sample size calculations, MCMC Efficiency and Identifiability in Multilevel Models' has a supporting webpage with things to download here
My former ESRC grant within the E-Social Science programme has a website here
My new ESRC grant entitled "The use of interactive electronic-books in the teaching and application of modern quantitative methods in the social science" has a webpage here
The Centre for Multilevel modelling (which I co-direct) homepage can be reached here.
The Animal Welfare and Behaviour group homepage can be reached here .
The Bristol Statistics group homepage can be reached here.

Other Stuff

I got married to Mary in September 2003 and we now have two daughters, Sarah Victoria and Helena Jayne. Wedding pictures are available here . Baby scan pictures are available of our first child, Sarah Victoria here .
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