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Sarda at the Burren, Ireland Postal Address: Department of Earth Sciences
University of Bristol
Wills Memorial Building
Queen's Road
Bristol, England BS8 1RJ Page:
Office: G10A

Telephone: +1 403 286-4557
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PhD Thesis:

2005 - Present A Macroevolutionary Study on Tetrapod Diversity from the Devonian to the Present

Professor Michael J. Benton

Sarah King

Lynne Toland

Phil Jardine

John Orcutt

  MSc 2007

MSci 2007

MSc 2006

MSc 2006
  Pennsylvanian terrestrial ecosystems of Atlantic Canada

The Great American Biotic Interchange, Sabre-Tooth Marsupials and Alpha Diversity

The Evolution of Grassland Communities in North and South America

Tracking Tetrapod Community Diversity Through a Proposed Jurassic-Cretaceous Mass Extinction


Past and present biodiversity

Terrestrial community structure

Tetrapod evolution


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